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An Invitation from Pastor Jim --


In every generation, no matter the flow of culture, no matter the latest fad or interest, people yearn to understand what life is about and are hungry to know they are loved and have worth.   As a teen-ager I prayed a simple prayer inviting Jesus to come into my life, asking him to satisfy those same desires.   Through the community of the church, through prayer and Bible study and through life’s experiences I have had a journey with Jesus that has satisfied those longings in my heart and that has confirmed to me a thousand times over that God is real and that he loves me.   That is not to say I am perfect or that I am not challenged by life.  But knowing his love and blessing is something I cherish and my decision to follow him those years ago still stands in my mind as the best choice I ever made. 

Maybe today your heart is filled with the same longings I had.   Or maybe you feel like your life is falling apart.  Questions about religion and belief in God and what is really true may be swirling in your head.  Whatever your situation,  Jesus cares about you and those you love and  if you will take a step toward him, he will meet you, not with judgment or a list of rules but with a soul changing love that can heal your heart, guide your life and bring you peace. 

Valley Christian Fellowship is a community of people who are trying to follow Jesus in every aspect of their lives and who are eager to share his great love with others.   We would love for you to visit and see for yourself what we are all about but our greater hope is that you would see what Jesus is all about for you. 

This website contains information that gives you a picture of our church but I would be happy to personally communicate with you by email or phone too, to answer any questions you might have.  The very best way to find out about us, however, is to come and visit.   I hope you can do that sometime soon.


Pastor Jim Schaar

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